Orelie loves women and knows how to enhance their beauty.
Trained in the most prestigious Parisian houses of haute couture, she has embarked on a personal adventure of sharing her cultivated view of French chic and glamour, exalting femininity with refined design, using rare and precious fabrics.

Orelie wants to glorify women in order to make them look gorgeous in all circumstances: at work, as well as when they go out.
Orelie working in her Studio
By designing her own apparels, leather goods, fine and high jewelry, Orelie believes she can contribute not only to women's self-accomplishment by dressing them but also to the way people look at them.
She also believes that Elegance, Refinement and Class can rhyme with Simplicity.
Orelie designs herself all her creations
She made this quote from Coco Chanel her credo: 
"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress;
dress impeccably and they remember the woman".
Orelie wants to promote the very high quality of traditional French craftsmanship in the fashion field all over the world.
So in January 2018, we founded OV Paris, which designs and manufactures exclusive custom-fitted clothing ("haute" Couture Design), luxury ready-to-wear (RTW) and high-end accessories.
Orelie uses the finest fabrics, Lace from Calais France

Thanks to Orelie's design skills and pattern making, and her extensive experience (11 years) as seamstress including 2 years in Haute Couture (Chanel and Dior), OV Paris will provide very high-end products.

Orelie pays attention to any details

Orelie History:

Young Orelie had a dream: make women look as beautiful and elegant as Sisi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria in 19th century).
But adults didn't recognize her potential outside of school ... So she vowed to make this dream real and she began to draw.

She was only 16 when she came to Paris to show her drawings to some couture houses (she had only one day to convince people of her talent). Pierre Cardin's assistant saw her work by accident and hired her right away during school breaks.
Pierre Cardin himself mentored her.

Being naive, she followed a designer to launch a new brand, but realized during their first and only show that the most successful designs were hers ! And because she was the only real worker in the team and there was no management of the company, she ended this partnership and kept on working for other couture houses (Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Dior Haute Couture and the ultimate one : Chanel Haute Couture).

Today, finally confident thanks to a potential that was revealed by the most prestigious haute couture houses agreeing to hire her and to keep her, and helped by her husband who completely believes in her vision and skill, Orelie has launched her own brand — OV Paris — and is finally making her dream come true.

Chanel Haute Couture Paris Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Designer OV Paris

Here is Karl Lagerfeld signing his drawing of the dress Orelie realized on January 2017