Bridal & Custom

Here are some custom outfits I made for clients:
wedding dresses, red carpet gowns, or more simple but exclusive outfits ...

I'd be happy to craft a unique outfit for you
from your idea (I can make sketches) and to your precise measurements
 with the same Haute Couture standards I've been used to while working
for the most prestigious houses in Paris (Chanel and Dior).

Dream ! There are no limits !
And do me the honor of accepting that I make this dream come true

I made this red dress for my wedding with more than 45 yards
of a gorgeous silk to give the skirt more volume. 
Come and visit my showroom to touch the 
unparalleled fineness of this luxurious "Dentelle de Calais"
(lace from Calais) that comes from the most famous manufacturer
in north of France
White Tweed wedding dress
White tweed wedding dress with embroidery (my wedding at the City Hall)
With this classical white silk wedding dress, I made a lace shirt
Sequin gown
Black sequin gown with embroidery and silk cape
Embroidered silk red jumpsuit with removable skirt
This jumpsuit with removable skirt and handmade embroidery
took me almost one entire month of work !
I made it for a documentary for the leading European Chanel TF1:
it was dedicated to OV Paris and 2 other French craftsmen settled in the USA.
A friend of mine wore it on a red carpet
Silk gown with drape top and handmade embroidered belt
Sexy skirt and top in an outstanding tweed
Black gown with embroidered belt and a long cape
This is the back of my wedding dress: the most refined lace I've ever seen
Top in blue tweed
Kimono style dress in white silk
Black evening gown in Crepe with handmade buttons in the back
Pink Glitter Tulle dress with Bolero
Pink Oversize Dress